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Fishing Lines developped for Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing Lines:

- albacore ® Tournament Game Fishing Line

- albacore ® X-strong allround Fishing Line


- albacore ® DACRON special

- albacore ® Starter Ropes for engines



Distributors welcome

service spools of 1 lb, 2 and 5 lbs

albacore ®

Tournament Game Line

IGFA rated Game Fishing Line

Countless hours of laboratory research combined with extensive field testing by top fishermen have been invested to create this new breed of high-tech fishing line.

It's unique formula gives it the muscle and toughness to handle even the worst situations

 small diameters, for a greater reel capacity and less visibility

 ultra-high abrasion resistance, outperforming all other monofilaments in key tensile strength

 no weak points

 powerful tensile and knot strength

 low stretch and high impact strength

 special heat-resistant surface staying firm in tropical conditions to prevent the line from picking up grit and sticking to guides



albacore ®X-strong



ultra-resistant fishing line developed for Surf Casting and Coastal Fishing

albacore® DACRON special


IGFA rated Silicon Dacron Fishing Line

albacore ®Starter Ropes


Premium quality nylon silk.

For all manually started engines.

110 yds/100m - white with red spots

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