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Big Game Fishing Lines

Manufacturers of Fishing Tackle:

Dacron Lines and Saltwater Fishing Lines

Lures and Baits

Rods and Reels



Game Fishing Charter Links

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Downriggers and Fighting Chairs

Marine Engines

Other fishing products




Product Catalogue

Lures and Baits:

A&R LuresJigs

Area Rule Off-Shore Trolling Lures

Atom Lures -Atom Manufacturing Inc.

Baja Lures Trolling Lures

Blackmore lures

Bob Schneider LuresTrolling Lures

Boone Lures

Broadbill Trolling Lures - New Zealand

Castaic soft bait

Chaos Trolling Lures - California

COPA Fishing Lures

Culprit Fishing Lures

Diamond Jim Custom Lures

EGB Lures

Hydro LuresSpinner Baits

DOA Fishing Lures

DOL-LURE Big Game Trolling Lure

GULFSTREAM Feather & Trolling Lure

Headlock Lures

Killalure Australia


Masta Lures Australia Poppers

Meadow Lures Hawaii

Mepps Fishing Tackle

Mission Fishing Lure Jigs

Oar Gee Lures - Australia Wobblers

Pakula Trolling Lures Australia

Raiders Fishing Lures Australia

Rapala Fishing Lures

Redneck Fishing Lures

Rio Prawn Lures Australia

Riptide inshore saltwater lures

Rocco Trolling Lures - Azores

Sea Tal Lures )

Slammer Fishing Lures

Sperry Fishing - Trolling Lures New Zealand

Sevenstrand Big Game Lures

Stump Jumper Lures - Australian Wobblers

Surge Baits Inc

Tackle Master Spoons Australia

Tasmanian Devil - Australia Poppers

Terminator lures

Tomic Fishing Lures

Tyee Lures Radiant Lures - Canada

Williamson Lures South Africa

Wobblehead Lures

Woolybooger Big Game Lures

Worden Lures & Yakima Bait Co (US Importers)

Yo-Zuri Lures Japan


Fishing Rods and Reels:

Abu Garcia

Alutecnos Italy

Alvey reels - Australia

Black Arrow - Canada

Bogey Custom Fishing Rods

Browning Rods and Reels

Cameron rods

CD Rods New Zealand

Clan Fishing Rods - Scottland


Duel Reels - Antal Reels, Winches etc from Italy


Flylogic ReelsFly Reels and Rods

Islander Fishing Reels

Italcanna Italian Big Game Rods

Lamiglas Rods

H.L. Leonard fishing rods

Lew's rods & reels

G.Loomis Fishing Rods

Night Stick fishing rods with illuminated tip

OkumaTrolling & Fly Reels & Rods - Taiwan

Omoto Kumasama Taiwan - Trolling & Fly Reels

Penn Fishing Tackle

Phoenix Fishing Reels

Quantum Reels

Rasta custom Rods (fishing with Dreadlocks??)

Redington Fishing Rods

Ross Fishing Reels

Scott fly rods

Seamaster fly fishing reels

Seeker Rods

Shimano Fishing


St.Croix Rods

Stratos fly reels

Tiburon Engineering replacement frames for Penn Reels

Van Staal Spinning Reels and Rods

Zebco Reels

Fishing Hooks:

Eagle Claw USA

Gamakatsu Hooks - Japan

Kamasan (no official)

Mustad Hooks - Norway

Tiemco Hooks - Japan

VMC (USA) French Product, Pages only in English



Fighting Chairs:

Big Jon Downriggers

Kilwell Outriggers New Zealand

Kristal Fishing - Italy Electr.Downriggers

Lee's Tackle

Pompanette Sportfishing Prod. (fighting chairs/gaffs)

The Boss Fighting Chairs

Scopinich Fighting Chairs, Rocket Launchers

Scotty Down riggers

Tracy International Yachting Access.

True Trac Ind. Downriggers, Anchors Launchers

Walker Downriggers

Marine Engines:


Honda Marine


Mercury Marine

Mercury Brasil

Nissan Marine

Suzuki Marine

Yamaha Marine


ALBACOREŽ Fishing Line - Catalogue

AFTCO - Guides and Rollers

FR - Fishing and Diving Leads, Weights and Sinkers

Buldo - France / Floats

Bullet Weights

Bottom Line Fishfinders

Cal's 2-Speed conversion of reels

FISHEYE- underwater cameras

FUJI TACKLE - Japan - rod guides

Gemini UK Sinker Molds

Interphase Sonars

Kick'n Bass fish attractant


Line lights Inc. - Lightsticks

Lowrance GPS and Sonar Systems

Smitty's Fishing Belts

Playaction Fishing Belts & Teasers

ROSCO Terminal Tackle

Sam Yang Rod Guides from Korea